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Troop Committee meeting 3/21/2013

There will be a troop committee meeting this Thursday March 21 at 6:30 at the Waterford-Halfmoon school downstairs teacher’s room.  Any parent is welcome to attend.

Minutes of Troop 36 Committee meeting 3/21/13
Boy Scout leaders and Committee present were: Scott Hathaway, Ron Hathaway, Brian Clarkson, Jon Rickert, John Belkevich
Guest present:  Roger Mike, World’s Finest Chocolate rep
Meeting commenced at 6:30 pm

1. )  A presentation on The World’s Finest Chocolate fundraiser was given by Roger Mike.  John Belkevich consented to spearhead the possibility of the parents of our Scouts selling the candy.  This would be done as a parent fundraiser to raise money for the cost of summer camp.  No troop funds would be used to cover any candy that was not sold.  If sale is successful this would be a possible Troop and Cub Pack fundraiser for the Fall.

2.)  The treasurer’s report was read by the treasurer.  The balance in the account as of Feb. 28th was $ 2,416.00.  This balance includes funds on deposit for the for each  Scout’s camp accounts.  This money can be used to pay for summer camp, camporees, trips and other camping.

3.) a trip to  The Gettysburg National Military Park is planned for April 4-7.  A parents meeting to discuss the trip will be held on Wednesday March 27th. at the firehouse.

4.)  A discussion was had on the Troop advancement.  Most boys are proceeding toward their 2nd class rank with a couple close to 1st class.  Within the next couple of weeks they should be ready for Scoutmaster conferences and Boards of Review.

5.)  Summer Camp fees- Summer Camp fees are due before May 1st for Boy Scouts and before June 1st for Webelos crossovers.

6.)  All boys an adults attending Boy Scout summer camp will need a new physical before camp.  Forms may be downloaded from the Twin River’s website at

7.)  We will have a summer camp meeting at a later date to be determined, but probably sometime in June.

8.)  A discussion was had on the Troop performing a service project for the Firehouse in thanks for their sponsorship of our Troop.  The painting or staining of the picnic tables was suggested by the Firehouse.  This will be done during the month of May.  We will probably need help from some of the parents to oversee the work and to possibly help with the painting.

9.)  The Cub Scout Webelos crossover was scheduled to be held on June 5th with participation by the Order of the Arrow, but that date conflicts with Scott so we are going to see if we can reschedule with the Firehouse and the Order of the Arrow.  Will confirm by next Committee meeting.

10.)  The Scout leaders, parents and Committee members were asked to sign up as  to be a merit badges councelor to help our Scouts advance past 1st class. All requirements for ranks above 1st class require the completion of merit badges.  There are other councelors   outside our Troop, but it would be helpful if we could complete some of the badges the in house as a group.

11.)  The Spring Camporee will be held on May 3-5 at Taconic Park.  At this Camporee the 1st. Scout who were elected to the Order of the Arrow will be tapped out.

12.)  Scott mentioned the Scouts participation in the annual Klondike Derby held at Camp Boyhaven.  The boys learned some new skills and had a great time.  Maybe next year we will have some snow.  We built a new Klondike Sled and haven’t been able to use it in two years  well, maybe next year.

13.)  The Committee welcomed two new members,  Jon and Paula Rickert.  Welcome Jon and Paula.  All parents are welcome to join the Committee.

14.). Meeting adjourned around 8:00 pm . Next Committee meeting will be held in April with date to be announced.